Top 10 Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews in 2020

Dust will get into everything and anything in your workplace or home because dust does not discriminate. If you clean it today, it will again accumulate tomorrow, the day after that and so on. Usually, for most people, vacuum cleaners would be the go-to choice but a carpet sweeper is the more affordable, compact, lightweight, and less noisy option. It doesn’t take much of your space and can be used in almost any situations. Our review of the top 10 best carpet sweeper will help you choose the best one that suits your needs. We will talk about the features of these sweepers that will help you in your cleaning jobs. And our review will help you find out which is the best carpet sweeper for your particular job.

1. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper

The Bissell 92N0A is perfect for quiet and fast cleanups of everyday messes. Assembling it is very easy and won’t take much time to set up. In addition, pure recycled plastic was used to make this sweeper, making it environmentally friendly. 

It also features a 4-corner rotating edge to help you remove the dirt from corners with ease and a dual brush rotating system to pick up dust of all sizes and pet hairs from the carpet.

It is a multi-surface cleaner sweeper. You can sweep with it on all surfaces, including hard floors, carpets, and rugs. This device is also lightweight and compact for more maneuverability and accessible storage. It won’t take much storage space even with its extra corner edge brushes.


  • No electricity
  • It is Eco-friendly
  • Easy to set up


  • Not the best choice for cleaning tiles
  • A bit heavier

2. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

The Fuller Brush Electrostatic comes with fantastic cleaning power and it is a very lightweight and portable carpet sweeper. It is also very versatile as it can be used on both carpeted and hardwood floors.

Furthermore, this carpet and floor sweeper comes with a 9-inch cleaning path which means you can cover a lot of area in a single sweep. It features high-quality bristles that remove even the most obstinate dirt from the surface. And they cannot scratch the surface because of the unique way they are designed so, you can focus more on sweeping instead of worry about your furniture.

Storing this sweeper is stress-free, as well. It comes with a hanging method allowing you to store it anywhere you want or you can fold it flatly to conveniently store it.

Another great thing about this unit is that it uses electrostatic charges to make sure it is entirely effective to pick up both heavy and light dirt. Whether you like to clean up once a month or enjoy regular cleanups, the Fuller Brush will be an excellent option.


  • It is versatile as well as lightweight
  • Comes with a wide 9-inch cleaning path
  • Uses Electrostatic charge to pick up dirt from the surface


  • Suction power is weak

3. Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max

Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max is a cordless lightweight carpet sweeper that offers a fantastic cleaning experience. This device comes with a reusable bristle brush and per minute, it rotates about at 4000 revolutions. The removable bristles allow for easy and quick removal of tangles. This model provides a dual action of effective cleaning.

Furthermore, Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max features a flat head, allowing you to easily clean under the furniture and any other hard to access area. Thanks to its 360-degree spin, it can remove both large and small debris instantly from your carpet.

The Ontel Swivel Sweeper is powered by a dominant rechargeable battery. For this reason, it has twice the cleaning power than an average sweeper. This sweeper’s exterior body is made of sturdy and high-quality plastic materials making it an option that will last long.


  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Made of high-quality and durable plastic material
  • Comes with reusable and removable bristle brushes


  • It’s a bit noisy

4. Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

The Karcher KB5 looks really fantastic with the vibrant yellow color. This product can sweep up a varying type of debris, regardless of your floor type, this excellent looking cordless cleaner will make your cleaning duties into more of an experience. And with its cordless feature, the area you can cover will not be determined by a cord.

It features an auto-start system, with this modern innovation you can put the sweeper into action by just pulling the handle. This sweeper provides excellent edge-to-edge sweeping performance with the rotating 8” brush roll. It picks up stubborn debris with ease along walls.

Furthermore, a fold-flat handle and the swivel steering allow to easily clean around and under furniture. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 30 minutes of steady power, which is comparably much lesser than other devices. But still, you can quickly have your rooms clean without any problems.

When the sweeper is full you can empty debris without any hassle. You just simply have to pull the side canister from the sweeper's head and empty it on the trashcan. And after you are finish cleaning, the KB5’s compact design will allow you to easily store it away until your next cleaning job.


  • Auto-start system
  • Cordless sweeper
  • Emptying dirt-cup is easy


  • Doesn’t have much battery power

5. Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

This is another cordless model and it is one of the best floor and carpet sweepers in our top 10 carpet sweeper review. For its cordless operation and lightweight nature, this is a great choice for homeowners and professional cleaners. It can clean carpeted and hard surfaces with the same efficiency.

This ultra-light sweeper is equipped with class-leading sweeping technology. It features a 13-inch sweeping surface. The 13-inch motorized brush roll dominates the cleaning surface with two-speed settings that can tackle different cleaning jobs. And the edge cleaning squeegees on both ends of the brush cleans debris off corners and walls.

This powerful sweeper features a Ni-MH battery that can sweep for up to 55 minutes with a container capacity of 1.8qt. This portable device is loaded with features to clean up debris of all sizes and types. It also features a swivel steering and a folding Backsaver handle. When it comes to mobility, these are two of the most useful feature of this sweeper. The swivel steering allows for easy maneuverability while the Backsaver handle folds down to make it easy for you to reach under the furniture and other tight space.


  • Powerful motorized 13-inch brush roll
  • 2-speed settings
  • Folding Back saver handle allows reaching tight spaces


  • Battery life is low

6. Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

You can get a convenient and quick cleaning help if you choose this shark mode. This Shark Cordless Sweeper is lightweight and it features a wide 12-inch motorized brush that is powerful and capable of easily picking up all kinds of debris or little messes created by family members. The cleaning path can cover any type of surface from carpets to hard ones, with a smooth transition.

It comes with Dual-speed, which means it has two speeds. So, in order to get excellent cleaning performance, you can adjust its performance speed according to your needs. It is quiet so you can use it in different situations.

Another feature that makes this sweeper efficient in getting the job done is the edge-cleaning squeegee that captures debris and dust along walls. This is a very useful feature because when it comes to cleaning, angles and corners can many times pose problems.

Moreover, the swivel steering ensures that the user can easily maneuver the around furniture. And with folding handle and low-profile, you can get underneath beds, couches, and furniture with low space beneath. Emptying the dust cup is easy and it doesn’t require you to touch the cleaned dust and debris.


  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • Quiet performance
  • Dual-speed


  • Limited power

7. Bissell Commercial BG9100NM Rechargeable Cordless Sweeper

Bissell BigGreen Commercial cordless sweeper comes with a rechargeable battery. It features a Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery that can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. This is a powerful and lightweight cordless sweeper, less bulky than usual vacuum cleaners.

With its Revolving Agitator brush and 11.5" cleaning path, it will give you quick and smooth sweeping experience. For added smoothness of operation, it has laser-balanced wheels. And the geared vacuum motor has teeth that will prevent slipping while you are busy sweeping.

With all these features, it can provide quick and excellent cleaning on all surfaces. Whether you are sweeping up debris from under the table or quickly cleaning during or before the guests are coming, this cordless sweeper will help you more time enjoying and less time cleaning.

 The capacity of the dust-bin is 17-ounce and after you have cleaned up the mess, you can simply remove it to empty it on the trashcan. After you are done cleaning, storing it is a piece of cake. Its wall mount feature allows you to store it any convenient place you want.


  • 90 minutes run time
  • Lightweight
  • 17-ounce capacity dust bin


  • A bit pricey
  • Some customer had problems with the battery

8. BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper

Black and Decker is a well-known brand and their charcoal gray floor sweeper is easily maneuverable, sleek and super lightweight. You will be able to clean your carpets and floors using one hand. Just simply grab the sweeper and start cleaning.

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which means there is no cord to limit your distance or slow you down. This sweeper provides great performance and it is designed to remove all the mess. It provides up to 100 minutes of sweeping power. The head swivels smoothly allowing you to steer effortlessly behind and around large pieces of furniture.

Moreover, the head folds flat so you can glide underneath low beds and couches easily. There’s a built-in LED where you can quickly check the battery status of your sweeper. You can instantly empty the dust and debris into a trashcan without having to get your hands dirty.  

 The sweeper is also designed with a self-standing feature so you can park it with ease. This floor sweeper is one of the few that have convenient storage options making it a suitable choice for someone with limited space.


  • Provides 100 minutes of power
  • Multi-level surface clean
  • Lightweight and sleek design for easy cleaning


  • Not the best pet-friendly choice as the brush requires constant cleaning

9. Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper

This is another model from Bissell. It also doesn’t involve annoying cables as it is a cordless sweeper. This sweeper can make your life easier if you are having problems cleaning hard to access places around the house. This unit can be considered as one of the best cordless carpet sweepers.

It has a powered brush that is capable of cleaning any surface, including carpets, hardwoods, and area rugs. The sweeper is very versatile and lightweight. It’s a great choice for cleaning up everyday dirt.

This sweeper features a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 60 minutes. This machine does its operation quietly so when you are cleaning your family member won’t be disturbed.

It has 480ml dirt cup capacity making it good enough for a small apartment. If you will be using it for commercial use or have a moderately big house to clean, you might need to empty it several times. But for your convenience, emptying the cup of dirt is a walk in the park.

It also features an adjustable metal handle and easy-glide rubber wheels that allow you to glide easily on the floor for excellent cleaning. Although its maneuverability isn’t that great because it doesn’t swivel. Its features also include hanging loop in the handle and lays flat for easy storage.


  • Quiet operation
  • Cleans multi-surfaces
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy storage


  • This unit doesn’t swivel

10. Rubbermaid Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper

The Rubbermaid Commercial Sweeper is a commercial-grade sweeper and it is ideal for hardwoods and carpets. It makes cleaning effortless with an easy-open debris pan. This unit’s low profile design provides easy access underneath low pieces of furniture while you are cleaning around. It can effortlessly fit into tight spots with its 6.5-inch sweep path.

It is made from durable ABS plastic and galvanized steel, design of this sweeper makes it ideal for a wide range of operations, including low-pile carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, and much more. If you are looking for a high-quality sweeper that is simple to maneuver and quiet as well, this sweeper from Rubbermaid is a great option for you. Furthermore, this model features front and rear bumpers and soft handle grips that make your cleaning easy.

 It also has soft rubber wheels that easily glide on any surface and two types of brushes for maximum versatility and cleaning. The single brush sweeper is effective and easy to use on most floor types. And the brushless sweepers feature non-marking rubber blades to effectively sweep up debris, dust, and even semi-liquid debris from various surfaces.


  • Heavy-duty and compact
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans both low-pile carpet and bare floors


  • The suction power is not the best
Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to consider if you are on the market for a sweeper for your place of work or home. This guide will help you get the best sweeper by breaking down the things you need to know:

Why Do You Need a Carpet Sweeper?  

If you need a sweeper for your household, you need to consider all the floor types in your home. You should select a sweeper well-equipped to clean all types of floor surfaces in your house without damaging the floor.

And if the sweeper is for your workplace, you need to count in the type of business you are running. It might be a restaurant, institution, office or any other business. Select a sweeper that suits the cleaning requirement of your business. For example, institutions deal with a lot of human traffic on a regular basis. In this case, a sweeper that is sturdy enough to withstand the severities of sweeping floors every day should an ideal choice.

Types of Sweepers

Sweepers are of three types:

  • Manual Sweeper: Everybody is familiar with the manual sweeper. So there’s no need to explain what a traditional sweeper can and can’t do.
  • Mechanical Sweeper: Mechanical sweeper works on human momentum, so they don’t require any batteries. They are lightweight and compact meaning they are highly portable and maneuverable in tight places. These types of sweepers are quite rare. The main benefits of these sweepers include a cordless and quiet operation.
  • Electric Sweepers: Electric sweepers are relatively new to the market. They use electricity either from a power outlet, battery or a combination of both to clean. Some electric sweepers are a hassle to use as they can only be used when they are plugged into a power source. Their mobility is restricted by the power cord.
 However, most of the modern electric sweepers come with rechargeable batteries that facilitate cordless sweeping. While electric sweepers are efficient, they are relatively noisy than manual or mechanical sweepers. If you are going for an electric sweeper, it would be wise to buy a replacement battery for emergencies.

Surfaces to be Cleaned

Sweepers can be used indoors and outdoors. Different sweepers are equipped to clean different surfaces:

  • Indoor Surface: Indoor surfaces are filled with furniture and they have different floor types. So an ideal indoor sweeper should have great maneuverability around furniture, pets, and people. It should be able to sweep carpet, marble, hardwood, tile and other floor varieties.
  • Outdoor Surfaces: Outdoor surfaces are built-with concrete, bricks, asphalt, and other tough materials so that they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. So a sweeper for outdoor needs to be sturdy and large to be effective on these harsh surfaces. Outdoor sweepers are mostly electric because they are powerful enough to handle large dirt buildup and debris. Having said that, they are louder than other kinds of sweepers due to their big powerful motors.

Brush vs Rubber Blade Design

Sweepers are designed with either brush or rubber blade to clean debris off floors. Both design have their pros and cons. Both types of blades can be used on all soft and hard surfaces. The difference is that a sweeper with rubber blades are more efficient at picking up finer debris where one with brush blades clean more debris in a single sweep.


Cordless electric sweepers use three kinds of batteries- Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-metal Hybrid, and Lithium-ion. Battery life is a very essential factor too. The top carpet sweepers feature long-lasting rechargeable battery for longer sweeping time. Moreover, you can go for one that has an LED indicator so that you can check on the battery usage quickly.


Compare to vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers come at a friendly price. Select one within your budget. However, you should also keep in mind that quality matters as well.

Why you should go for a carpet sweeper?

One of the most commonly asked questions is why you should go for a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum cleaner.    

For starters, pulling a vacuum out for three or four times a day is a problem and if the room is full of guests or customers, then moving a heavy sweeper is untimely. On the other hand, carpet sweepers are lightweight and easy to maneuver. And another great thing is that they are equipped to deal with all varieties of debris and not just dirt. Carpet sweepers help to keep your home clean with or without electricity which makes it an excellent choice for you. Another reason to choose a carpet cleaner over a vacuum cleaner is that they clean more quietly without distracting or disturbing occupants in a room. Having said that, giving a definite answer to the question of whether carpet sweeper is better than vacuum cleaners, is not possible because both cleaners provide distinct performance with different models.


Carpet sweepers are essential pieces of tools to have at your home or workplace. They help you keep your surfaces clean by getting rid of everyday dust and dirt and that so without making much noise. Everyone wants a carpet sweeper that is fast, convenient and easy to use. For these reasons, ensure to check on the brand, price, and functionality of a particular product before purchasing it. The best carpet sweeper should be lightweight and compact for easier maneuverability and must have the ability to sweep up both small and large debris. Our Top 10 best carpet sweeper review has some of the best carpet sweepers available on the market. We hope you find the one that is suitable for you.

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