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The Shark is a very popular vacuum cleaner brand, and deservingly so. Many homeowners are eager to buy the best shark vacuum cleaner on the market. Reason? Shark’s vacuum offer what humans of modern time needs: a powerful, yet easy-to-use cleaning device. Their ability to inhale dirt is like Shark's ability to chew its prey. These products are also durable so, you could own them for years and not experience any breakdown issues.

Shopping for one of these models can be a daunting task since each model is often designed to perform specific functions such as being able to clean carpet and hard surface or pet hair cleaning. The fact that there are cordless and corded models available widens the options.

Due to their durable materials and a wide range of functions Shark vacuum cleaners have become one of the top vacuum cleaner brands on the market. So to simplify your shopping for the best shark vacuum cleaner and to help you choose the best one to suit your needs, below are some of the top Shark vacuum cleaners review:

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E is a 2-in-1 vacuum, meaning you can use it in an upright mode as well as with the canister detached to get into hard-to-reach places. This is one of our top choices because of its high performance on many flooring types, including carpet and hardwood floors. With Brush roll shutoff and lift-away technology, this is an excellent choice for cleaning hardwood floors or any solid surface floor.

The Shark Navigator NV356E comes with a bristle brush that will agitate carpet fibers to remove deep-seated dirt but can be turned off to protect hardwood floors from wear and scratches. But its Dust-away attachment with microfiber pad is what really set this Shark vacuum apart for hardwood floors. Simply attach the Dust away tool when using the Lift-away vacuum in canister mood. The Dust away tool is basically a large microfiber pad that will pick up fine dust and dirt from tiles, hardwoods and more. Combining microfiber pad with suction means the vacuum will suck up bigger items in its path while sweeping up fine particles and dust with the surface of the pad.

One complaint about this model is that the floorhead isn’t as wide as some of the other models. The width of the cleaning path is only 9.5 inches. However, the impressive capacity of the dirt cup is 2.2 quarts so you won’t have to make many trips to empty this cleaner during cleaning sessions. If you have hardwood floors and would like to skip sweeping before vacuuming, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E is up to the challenge.

In addition, this model comes with 25 ft. cord and easy swivel steering so you can clean large areas. And its Lift-away option combining with the 5 ft. hose can help you reach the hard-to-reach areas easily and conveniently. With a HEPA filter that traps 99.9 percent of allergens along with complete seal technology, it is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

  • Features:
    • Lift-away mode
    • Brush roll shutoff
    • 2.2 quarts capacity dust cup
    • HEPA filter
    • 25 ft. cord


  • Affordable option
  • Durable materials
  • Powerful suction
  • Lift-away option
  • XL capacity dirt cup


  • Cleaning path is not so wide compared to other models
  • Might be a bit heavy for some people

2. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with advanced technology as well as powerful suction, then you can very much consider the Shark Apex Upright Vacuum. It offers one of the best suction you can get on a Shark vacuum. This unit features DuoClean which is a two-brush roller system that deep cleans carpet and softly polishes hardwoods. Its cleaning path is an impressive 11 inch. And it doesn’t only clean your room, but it also cleans itself. The Zero-M system cleans the wrapped up hair on your vac brush and removing the mess means the system cleans more thoroughly on one pass.

Rated 1350 watts, this unit is great if you have a lot of stubborn dirt to remove, especially if the dirt is embedded in the carpet. To complement the suction power, it features a sizeable dust compartment capable of holding up 1.5 dry quarts. This means you won’t have to take frequent trips to empty the dirt cup, which makes this vacuum a suitable choice if your home is large.

The excellent filtration is another attribute of the Shark vacuums and this one is no exception. Besides the HEPA filter, this model is fully sealed, assuring you of clean air with no allergens. With its 30-foot cord and 5.5-foot hose, the reach of this model is impressive. And if it wasn’t enough, the canister easily detaches to produce a handheld to allow you to clean higher places or car. LED lights on the floor nozzle and handle illuminate the floor so you don’t miss the dirt in dark areas and can make your cleaning thorough.

To make your cleaning more effective and accessible, the vacuum features a 12″ crevice nozzle and a pet tool. Weighing 16 lbs, this unit is somewhat heavy compared to other models. However, you will find it easy to maneuver due to its powered wheels. This unit measures 11×12×46 inches and it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Features:
    • DuoClean technology
    • Zero M technology
    • Powered lift-away
    • 11-inch cleaning path
    • HEPA filters


  • Dual brush roll system
  • Zero M self-cleaning brush roll
  • Powered lift-away
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and polished looks for floors


  • A bit heavy for some user
  • It is on the pricey side

3. Shark Rotator TruePet - NV752

If you have pets, it is very likely you have an ongoing battle to keep dander and fur under control. Shark Rotator TruePet - NV752 is one of the best Shark vacuums for pets.

Built on the popular Rotator model upright vacuum that many user love for its lift-away functionality and deep cleaning, the TruePet model from Shark includes a motorized brush and pet multi-tool. The outcome is a powerful vacuum with unrelenting suction that can be used to eliminate deeply embedded pet hair in carpets, clinging to drapes or stuck between seat cushions.

Instead of sticking a flimsy accessory on the hose of the vacuum and hoping that you would be able to suck the pet hair stuck on your sofa, the Rotator True Pet allows you to attach a motorized brush and with the lift-away option, you can take the canister away wherever pet hair lurks. Get rid of those pet fuzzes on your favorite chair or under the bed with powerful suction and high-powered bristle action.

In addition, allergy sufferers and pet owners alike will appreciate the fact that this Shark vacuum model comes with a HEPA filter to trap up to 99.9 percent allergens and a sealed air system. It is definitely the way to go for homes with pets.

This vacuum has advanced swivel steering for control when maneuvering around furniture and into corners. In addition, the vacuum’s nozzle has LED lights for excellent visibility. The dust cup capacity is 1.3 quarts which are good enough for holding up a lot of dirt. And the cord of this model is 25 ft. which is not so long compared to other models but still covers a lot of areas.

Another thing you need to know is that this model doesn’t feature Shark’s Zero-M technology to clean human and pet hair off the roller brush.

  • Features:
    • Detachable canister
    • Advanced swivel steering
    • A premium Pet Power Brush
    • HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal technology
    • LED lights


  • Specialized pet tools
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Emptying dirt bin is easy
  • Scatter free and edge to edge cleaning


  • Comes with a cord

4. Shark ION F80 MultiFlex

This powerful yet lightweight vacuum would be a great choice for your cleaning needs. This model is among the most powerful of Shark cordless vacuums and can clean carpets and hard floors efficiently. All thanks to the dual brushroll technology and strong suction. Total run-time with 2 batteries, the highest it can go without needing to charge is 80 minutes. The run-time is accomplished when the cleaner operates in the ION power mode and using the dual batteries it comes with. The two lithium-ion batteries are removable as well as rechargeable, and a charging dock is provided for recharging the batteries.

However, the vacuum doesn’t offer one of the largest dirt cups, so it isn’t capable of holding up much dirt. On the other hand, if your home has low traffic or you don’t have large areas to clean, this size could work.

This vacuum is highly usable. Apart from easily converting into a handheld, the ION F80 features a multi-FLEX technology that gives you the ability to bend the wand to clean hard-to-reach areas easily. In addition to the reaching ability, the multi-FLEX technology allows you to fold the vacuum over for compact storage.

The dust cup is washable and so is the filter. On top of that, it comes with headlights on the cleaning head to make the dark areas of your home visible when cleaning. The accessories this vacuum comes with are a crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, charging cable, a charging station and two 25.3V batteries.

The unit measures 32 x 13.5 x 11 inches and weighs 3.15 pounds which is not too heavy. In addition, it is a cordless model, so you can clean wherever you want. You also get a manufacturer warranty of 5 years if you purchase the F80. 

  • Features 
    • Cordless
    • Multi-FLEX technology
    • DuoClean technology
    • 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
    • Charging dock


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Up to 80 minutes of total runtime
  • Multi-FLEX technology
  • DuaClean technology
  • Cordless


  • Doesn’t have HEPA filters
  • Not a great choice for people with allergy

5. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away (ZU561)

The vacuum that cleans deeply now cleans itself with the Zero-M feature. This self-cleaning technology helps to get rid of the wrapped hair around the brush-roll. As you do your cleaning, the combing structure and a bristle guard help separate all sucked elements from the collected debris.

The Shark ZU561 gives you the option of switching between upright and lift-away mode. You can use an upright vacuum for powerful carpet and floor cleaning or for better portability, you can detach the canister to go into Lift-away mode to easily clean the above floor areas such as stairs, furniture, upholstery, car interiors, and drapes.

This vacuum has near-perfect dirt and debris pick up as well as a deep cleaning ability. You can use the hose to pick up large debris and it also has excellent agitation on carpets. With Anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filter that traps 99.9 percent of the dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, this is an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergy.

The vacuum comes with a set of brushes. You get a bristle brush which is great for cleaning stubborn stains and stuck-on dirt and you also get pet hair brush for cleaning under couches and cushions. The vacuum also features a duster crevice tool, this tool helps you clean small spaces and hard-to-reach areas. And there is an upholstery tool that can be used for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, furniture, and car interiors.

The vacuum measures 12 x 9.5 x 45.6 inches and weighs 18.4 pounds but still provides effortless maneuverability with swivel steering. However, it might be a bit difficult for some users to use the Lift-away mode because of its weight. Fortunately, you won’t have to make many trips to empty this vacuum as its dirt cup capacity is 2.2 quarts. 

  • Features:
    • Zero-M self-cleaning brush-roll
    • Lift-away mode
    • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
    • 2.2 quarts capacity dirt cup


  • Lift-away technology
  • HEPA filter
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • Great portability
  • Big dirt cup


  • A bit on the heavy side

6. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (NV352)

Shark Navigator NV352 is a great choice for carpet and hardwood floors. Due to the vacuum's powerful suction ability, there is a feature called suction release has been added. This feature allows you to adjust the amount of suction so that you can optimize the push and pull on small area rugs and high pile carpets.

For example, if you are cleaning a small area rug and the floor nozzle is pulling the rug, you can simply turn the suction release collar placed at the base of the handle to the right, which will release excess air from the unit. This will cause the suction amount of the floor nozzle to get lower, making it easier to push and pull the vacuum while you are still getting your carpets clean. When you are using the turbo brush or you need maximum suction, make sure the suction release collar is turned all the way to the left. It is recommended to use the suction release feature on delicate fabrics and small area rugs.

In addition, the vacuum comes with Lift-away mode, which allows you to lift the canister away with just a press of a button, so you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas. And the brushroll shutoff deeply cleans carpet and gently cleans the bare floor. To add to your convenience, it also comes with a pet tool.

It has the Anti-allergen complete seal technology along with a HEPA filter that traps 99.9 percent of the allergens and dust inside the vacuum. This portable and versatile vacuum weighs only 12.5 pounds and also comes with swivel steering, making it easy to control and maneuver around furniture.

The vacuum measures 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches and the dust cup capacity of this model is 1.1 quarts. It is a corded model, and the length of its cord is 25 ft. so you can access a quite large area while not losing power. And to satisfy your aesthetic mind, this model comes in Lavender color.

  • Features:
    • Lavender color
    • Lift-away technology
    • Anti-allergen complete seal
    • HEPA filter
    • 25 ft. cord


  • Lift-away mode
  • Suction release feature
  • HEPA filter
  • Decent size dust cup
  • Comes with a pet hair tool


  • No LED lights
  • Cord is not so long

7. Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum (HV391)

This stick vacuum from Shark offers a lot of versatility with its excellent features and powerful suction. And one of the most unique features of this model is its Multi-FLEX technology. This feature allows you to bend the vacuum wand and let you easily reach under furniture and hard-to-reach areas. In addition, this feature also allows for free-standing storage of the vacuum. One thing you need to remember is this model doesn’t stand on its own, so be careful when using it.

Along with its powerful suction, this vacuum also features DuoClean technology. The DuoClean technology means there is a bristle brush that deeply cleans carpets and an additional brushroll that directly engages floors for a polished look and pulls in larger particles. You can also remove the bristles to reveal an upholstery tool that can remove stubborn pet hair from upholstery and more. With the Active-Glide technology, transition from bare floor to carpet and vice versa is easier. It provides smooth maneuverability on carpets and floors while maintaining powerful suction.

This is a very versatile vacuum that can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum with the Lift-away technology for above floor clean like stairs, furniture, upholstery, car interiors, and drapes. It is designed to pick up pet hair and dander from floors and upholstery. It traps pet-related allergens inside the vacuum, this vacuum is capable of capturing allergens down to 1 micron. And it keeps the user away from harm with its Anti-allergen complete seal technology.

The dirt cup capacity of this unit is 0.42 quarts, which is not so much compared to other models. But if you don’t have many people coming to your home, or don’t have a big house, then this wouldn’t be a deal-breaker. It is a corded model and weighs only 9.8 pounds, so you will find it very easy to work with while getting powerful suction.

  • Features:
    • Lift-away hand vacuum
    • Multi-FLEX technology
    • DuoClean technology
    • Active-Glide technology
    • Pet-multi tool


  • Flexible to reach under furniture and freestanding
  • DuoClean technology provides deep cleaning
  • Captures allergen down to 1 micron
  • Very versatile


  • Corded
  • Doesn’t have much space on dirt cup

8. Shark IONFlex 2X IF251

Instead of just using a solid tube, the Shark IONFlex 2X comes with a flexible hose in the middle that allows it to bend, hence the name “FLEX”. This feature has two applications – first, it will allow you to clean under furniture without you having to bend because the vacuum wand itself will bend for you and second, it makes storage easy and takes a little space as you can simply fold down the wand and store it vertically.

Another great feature of this vacuum is its DuoClean technology. It is one of the best advanced technology when it comes to cleaning surface dirt regardless if it’s hard floors or carpet. The 2X model comes with two lithium-ion batteries that are removable as well as rechargeable. The batteries prolong the runtime for up to 48 minutes when using the non-motorized attachments. You can also keep going all day long by repeating the process of using one battery and charging the other.

The versatile tool set of this vacuum includes a pet-multi tool, a duster crevice tool, a flexible extension wand, and an anti-allergen dust brush. And to make your cleaning more convenient and visible, it also comes with LED headlights as well. The LED lights will help you track down dust and dirt in the dark.

This dust collector weighs only 8.7 pounds. Speaking of dust, the dust holding capacity of this vacuum is only 0.3 quarts, which is not so much compared to other vacuum cleaners. But this isn’t a deal-breaker unless you live in a big home with many people.

  • Features 
    • MultiFLEX Technology
    • 2X ION PowerPack System
    • DuoClean Technology
    • LED headlights


  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Easy storage
  • Flexible wand
  • DuoClean technology
  • Cordless


  • Small capacity dirt cup
  • Takes around 3.5 hours to recharge

9. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

Similar to many of our reviewed Shark vacuum, this one also comes with the Lift-away technology. At the push of a button, you can separate the canister from the main unit, which will allow you to clean areas that normally would be hard to reach. Above floor areas such as furniture and stairs also become easy to clean.

The Shark NV360 is powerful enough to clean both carpets and hard flooring with ease. With its adjustable suction power, transition from hard floors to low-pile carpet or high-pile carpet is a breeze. Also, you can switch the brushroll on/off depending on which surface you are cleaning.

To make your cleaning easy, the vacuum is very easy to maneuver around furniture thanks to the swivel steering technology. The Shark vacuum uses the combination of HEPA filter and Anti-allergen complete seal technology to ensure that 99.9 percent allergens and dust are trapped inside the vacuum. Additionally, the filters are washable.
This vacuum also features a Pet power brush that is perfect for picking up pet hair and debris. A dusting brush for quick dust pickups on drapes, shelves, window sills and so on. A 5.5-inch crevice tool is also available in case there’s any dust hiding in crevices and cracks.

The canister alone weighs 7.5 pounds while the whole unit is only 12.5 pounds. The length of the cord of this corded model is 25 ft. long. And the capacity of the dirt cup is 1.2 dry quarts. 

  • Features
    • Lift-Away technology
    • Swivel steering
    • HEPA filter
    • Brushroll shutoff
    • 25 ft. cord
    • 11 inches cleaning path


  • Adjustable suction
  • Powerful and easy to maneuver
  • Removable canister
  • Great for allergy sufferers


  • No headlights
  • Small dust cup
  • The power cord is not the longest

10. Shark ION Robot Vacuum (RV750)

The technology of today is so advanced that you don’t even have to be in the room to clean it. And Shark ION Robot Vacuum (RV750) is one of those machines that allow you to do so. Your cleaning is being done automatically while you do your other works. You can start cleaning from anywhere with the Shark Clean App or Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. With the help of these apps, you don’t only control your cleaner but you can also schedule its cleaning. How convenient is that?

And while you are not at home, you don’t have to worry about the robot vacuum getting stuck somewhere or bumping into an obstacle because it is powered by Auto-Sense Navigation. The Auto-Sense Navigation allows the vacuum to assess its surroundings on all floors and carpets, avoid ledges and adapt to obstacles. And its low-profile design, thin-design allows it to easily clean below furniture.

Its Multi-surface brushroll captures dust, pet hair, dander, debris and allergens on hard floors and carpets to prevent everyday build-up. Dual side brushes effectively remove debris and dust in hard-to-reach areas like under furniture, edges, and corners. And to do all that cleaning, the robot gets powered by the long-lasting Lithium-ion battery that provides the vacuum the needed runtime to complete its cleaning job.

And when it gets full from all this automatic cleaning, emptying the dust bin is easy. With a simple press of a button, the dust bin ejects from the robotic vacuum for easy cleaning.

  • Features 
    • Auto sense navigation
    • Wi-Fi and voice enabled
    • Lithium-ion battery
    • Easy to empty dust bin
    • Multi-surface brush roll


  • Wi-Fi and voice enabled
  • Low-profile design
  • Hassle-free automatic cleaning
  • Auto-sense navigation
  • Multi-surface brushroll


  • Not suitable for above-floor cleaning
  • Can’t clean as deeply as upright and canister models

Shark Vacuum Buying Guide

Now, you may have learned enough about the above-mentioned products from our best Shark vacuum cleaners review. But you also need to know, what are the things you need to consider before purchasing one of these models. And to simplify this process for you, I’ve come up with this Shark vacuum buying guide.

  • What types of surfaces will I be cleaning? 

If your flooring is wall to wall carpeting, you should consider picking a vacuum known for deep cleaning and ease of use around and under furniture. Carpets and rugs with textured, sculpted and thick pile will create more resistance to the vacuum head. So you need one that maneuvers very well. The longer pile could get stuck in the brush head too, so you might want to elevate the head to a height that doesn’t interfere.

If you are primarily cleaning tile, vinyl, and hardwood, you need a machine with an adjustable head to collect the debris without spreading it out. Larger pieces can get out the back if you are not matching the head setting to the surface. Here, also, you need to consider a vacuum with deeper grout lines in textured or tile surfaces and how difficult it would be to move over those.

Mixed surfaces are more challenging. You definitely should get an adjustable head and you will need to remember to adjust the setting because this doesn’t happen automatically. However, the flexibility of being able to vacuum both kinds of surfaces will make your life easier in the long run.

  • Attachments

You need to choose a vacuum with several accessories such as crevice tool, extension wand, upholstery tool and dusting brush. A dusting brush helps with delicate tasks while a crevice tool helps you tackle tight spots like corners. And an extension wand comes in handy for cleaning the high ceilings or above floor appliances.

  • How big is the surface of my floor?

The size of space you need to clean plays a big role in your decision of choosing a Shark vacuum. You need to consider the power of the vacuum and how easy it will be to move around according to your space size. A single level condo with small surface area can be covered with a cordless vacuum with ease.

But for a big house with lots of carpet and foot traffic, you should choose a more powerful and larger unit.
And if you will have to carry the vacuum between floors, you must keep its weight in mind.

  • Cleaning effectiveness

You need to consider the power according to your cleaning needs. However, cleaning ability is not only about power. Head size, brush type, and other features also come into play.

  • Dust bin

If you choose one with a small dust bin, you will need to make frequent trips to empty it, unless you live in a relatively small place. If your place is small and doesn’t have much foot traffic, a vacuum with a small dust bin will suffice.
However, if you live in a big house with lots of people, you should consider a vacuum with a big dust bin. Because you don’t want to make many trips to empty the bin and get your cleaning interrupted.

  • Does this model have the attachments I need?

Not all Shark models come with a full array of tools and accessories. If you want to vacuum pet hair off the furniture on a regular basis, a motorized mini head designed for that particular task will make your life easier. If you have crevices and cracks that need cleaning, a narrow head will come in handy there.

Other excellent items are extensions to reach the tops of ceiling fans, rods, and drapes, and tools to make cleaning the stairs easier. Some users take the vacuum outside too and clean the inside of the car. To make sure you choose the one that has all the attachments you need as part of your needs list, think about what else you will be needing the vacuum for. 

  • Sound

While using a vacuum, a certain amount of sound is expected to be generated. Heavy-duty machines are most likely to be much louder. And in some office or home, sound might be an issue. However, the best Shark vacuum cleaners are known for quieter cleaning.

Is a robot vacuum enough for regular cleaning?

Robot systems are good for a household that needs general cleaning, doesn’t become too messy, or isn’t too large or doesn’t have multiple floors to clean with a single unit. They lack unlimited power and big dust bins. Depending on how much surface it needs to cover, it could need a couple of recharging rounds to get it all done.

And, often, people wonder what if they fall over the edges or down the stairs. That’s, however, shouldn’t be a big concern, because the robot system comes with a visioning system that allows them to see where they are heading and they see stairs as empty black space, so they make their stop. Or you can also set a sensor to tell them to stop at a point. They use this same vision system to maneuver other obstacles and around furniture legs.

Final Thoughts:

Finding the best Shark vacuum cleaner can be difficult, but hopefully, this article will help you find the best one for yourself. I have reviewed so many great models with excellent features that will help you clean your house without much hassle. They will help to keep your environment clean as well as keep you safe from allergies. To make cleaning easy, a Shark vacuum is an ideal option. Shark produces some of the best quality vacuums, so when you are finding a Shark vacuum, you don’t have to worry about its quality just worry about what you want from it.

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