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Having a clean home that has a conducive environment is everyone’s dream. Breathing clean air, which is not intoxicated is an amazing feeling in itself. But as we all know, it’s not easy to have such an environment, especially if you don’t live alone. So to help you make your life easier as well as fresh and that so without spending big bucks, I am going to cover a list of top 10 best vacuum cleaner under $150. 

These reasonably priced vacuum cleaners will help you keep your home clean. And in this best vacuum cleaner review, I am going to talk about what these vacuums have to offer to you. I will also walk you through a buying guide along with some FAQs about these kinds of vacuum cleaners.

The followings are reviews of the top 10 best vacuum cleaner under 150 dollars. And to provide you a general sneak peek, this review also includes the pros and cons of each product. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best vacuum cleaners review.

1. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252

The Bissell Clean View swivel pet is very lightweight with excellent suction power. Its multi-cyclone suction system provides extended performance without any loss of suction. It comes at a great price and gives you the exceptional performance that you’d expect from an expert Floor care company. It is designed for homes with pets so if you are a pet owner, you would love to have this machine in your house.

Its powerful triple action brush roll not only picks up pet hair, but it also lifts, loosens and removes embedded pet hair and it’s silk like bristle. Its specialized pet tools including pet TurboEraser and pet hair corner tool helps you remove pet hair easily. When you are cleaning on a hard floor, its scatter free technology helps to keep scattering of debris to a minimum. And its washable multi-level filter system helps to trap debris and dust.

Just as its name suggests, the Clean View swivel pet comes with swivel steering that allows you to go around and under furniture and other obstacles in your house. With its swivel steering, you will find it very easy to maneuver. Now pair this maneuverability with edge to edge cleaning capability and you will find a new outlook on convenient cleaning. This will help you clean all the edges and corners of your house with ease. And with the 6 feet stretch hose you can even clean the above floor and hard to reach areas without any difficulty.

The capacity of the dirt cup is 1 liter and after you are done cleaning, its easy empty dirt bin allows you to quickly empty it without any mess. Now, if you are a pet owner, this vacuum cleaner should be in your top consideration with all its capability to clean pet hair.


  • Excellent suction power
  • Great for pet owners
  • Brilliant maneuverability


  • You have to remove a few screws to take the brush roller out for cleaning

2. Hikeren 12000 Pa Powerful Stick Vacuum

This compact and lightweight vacuum is made of qualified ABS material, which makes it strong impact resistance, low density and environment-friendly. This 2 in 1 convenient vacuum cleaner can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum from a stick vacuum for your different cleaning requirements (and vice versa). This is a versatile vacuum that can serve a different purpose.

This multifunctional vacuum allows you to use a brush head or crevice nozzle. Its brush head effectively removes dander, pet hair and other messes from carpets, stairs, and upholstery while the Crevice nozzle gets into tight spaces and hard to access corners. Its double filtration removes up to 99.97% of microscopic dust particles.
Its cordless design makes your cleaning hassle free as there is no cord to determine the distance you can go. It allows you to freely clean your stairs, windowsills, sofa or any other surface in your house and you can even clean your car with it.

Hikeren cordless stick vacuum cleaner comes with a built-in 120W high performance motor, which provides nonstop 12kpa suction and picks up dust, debris, crumbs and pet hairs to make your home clean. This vacuum performs well on all kinds of carpet and hard floors.

Maneuverability of this vacuum cleaner is excellent. It swivels 180° on sideways and 90° up and down, allowing you to clean the house in all directions as well as tilt and turn to flexibly avoid obstacles. Its 180° folding handle helps you effortlessly reach hard to reach spots. And for better cleaning experience it has LED headlights to help you clean the dark unseen areas.

This Hikeren vacuum cleaner is powered by a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. And with its fast charge technology, the battery only takes 4-5 hours to get fully charged. This vacuum cleaner has two adjustable speed modes to suit your needs. And the battery will last around 40 minutes on low power and 30 minutes on high power.
This vacuum cleaner from Hikeren will be a great choice to keep your house clean. This compact and lightweight vacuum weighs only about 5.1lbs, allowing you to easily transport it up and down the stairs as well as from room to room.


  • Powerful suction
  • Flexible swivel
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The battery will run out after 30 minutes of high speed use

3. The BISSELL CleanView Rewind Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The BISSELL CleanView Rewind Pet is a lightweight, yet powerful machine that maximizes the pickup of debris and pet hair in various ways. Its Triple Action Brush Roll works to remove dirt and pet hair from multiple surfaces across the house and it combines with scatter-free technology to lessen the scattering of debris to make cleaning of hard floors easy.

It comes with edge to edge cleaning, meaning the bristles will sweep dirt out of corners and edges, providing you a powerful cleaning experience all the way to the edge of every room in your house. The powerful Pet TurboEraser tool will help you to remove pet hair from different places such as your sofa. The Crevice tool will allow you to clean those hard to reach spots easily. The Dusting brush plus the Extension wand will even let you clean the above places that need cleaning.

And to make your after cleaning chore easier, this vacuum comes with an Automatic Cord Rewind button. With just a simple push of this rewind button, the 25’’ power cord will quickly wrap itself back into the machine. It comes with a large 1-liter capacity dirt cup. And with Easy Empty Dirt Tank, emptying it also requires just the press of a button.
Its multi-level filtration system keeps the filters cleaner and longer. And maintenance of the machine is also made easy with washable filters. CleanView Rewind Pet is perfect for homes of all types of surfaces and floors and of course, pets.


  • Specialized pet tools
  • Automatic Cord Rewind
  • Emptying dirt bin is easy
  • Scatter free and edge to edge cleaning


  • Comes with a cord

4. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 10Kpa Powerful Suction

The lightweight main machine weighs only 3.3lbs and you can equip it with different attachments for different tasks. This cordless vacuum cleaner from Moosoo is a 4-in-1 performer that will meet all your house cleaning demands. This versatile vacuum swiftly converts from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum and vice versa.

With its ergonomic handle and flexible head angle, you can hold the machine and maneuver it in corners and hard to reach areas. Its motorized floor brush provides high performance on carpet floor, hard floor, marble floor, tile floor, etc. This brush also has LED lights that will help you search dust on dark corners. By making it a handheld one, you can clean your sofa, car and other places that would be difficult to clean with a big handle.

You can use this vacuum in 2 adjustable modes for different situations. This wireless vacuum is powered by a 2200mAh large capacity Li-ion battery that can provide 10000PA powerful suction to give your floors a thorough cleaning. The battery needs around 5 hours to get fully charged and ensures 20-35 minutes of wireless cleaning all around the house.

Its Cyclone Filtration System purifies the air and captures allergens to improve your living environment. The filters can be detached for cleaning and washing. And after you are done cleaning, you can easily store it with its convenient docking station. This is an excellent vacuum that can meet every cleaning demand, pick up dust and debris, pet hairs and crumbs. It performs well on all kinds of surfaces like carpet, hard floor, stairs, as well as windowsills, bed, sofa, curtain, and desk.


  • Powerful suction
  • Cordless
  • Versatile cleaning capabilities
  • 4-in-1 vacuum


  • The battery runs only for 20-35 minutes

5. Shark Navigator Deluxe (Nv42)

Shark Navigator Deluxe Nv42 is a lightweight and sturdy vacuum cleaner comprising up to 3 filters. This versatile and portable vacuum weighs less than 15lbs. the good thing about this equipment is that its reliable, robust and straightforward to maneuver.

The Shark nv42 does an excellent job when it comes to solving the cleaning hitches. It gives you excellent maneuverability and control around furniture and tight corners. This model comprises the Anti-Allergen seal designed to protect you from harmful particles as you carry out your chores. It provides powerful cleaning and never loses suction. The NV42 comes with a 25 feet power cord that gives you an extensive cleaning area with no interruption.

It provides superior bare floor and carpet cleaning and also includes premium pet hair cleaning tools. The canister of this vacuum is more prominent than many others of the same stature. The dust holding capacity of this vacuum is 2.6 quarts and emptying it is very easy and quick. Several accessories are provided for versatile cleanings, such as upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush.

The Shark NV42 will be a great choice if you need a compact vacuum that can clean a variety of floors without any difficulties. It is lightweight and very easy to maneuver around furniture and narrow spaces. What’s more, this equipment has a clean, sleek look that improves the overall appeal of your house.


  • The canister is very large
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Works well on carpet and hardwood
  • Operates for a long time without overheating


  • Noisy

6. Hoover Windtunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless Uh70120

The Hoover WindTunnel UH70120 is a great option if you want a lightweight upright model with WindTunnel Technology for consistent suction. Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology removes embedded dirt and lifts up debris to give you the ultimate clean result.

The unit weighs less than 17 pounds, although it's not that heavy, it might not also be very easy and comfortable to move up and down the stairs. It also comes with various onboard attachments for performing above floor cleanings such as furniture and curtains.

With Hoover UH70120, you get 5 height adjustment setting for deep carpet cleaning to tiles and hardwood cleaning. And for maximum performance, you can adjust the brush roll too.
This vacuum will make your after cleaning chore easy with the 25 feet long cord, it automatically rewinds on tapping the pedal. The cord rewinds and wraps itself to provide you hassle-free storage. It also has system check indicator which lets you know when the HEPA filter is filled and needs cleaning.

You can use the onboard attachments along with the 8-feet stretch hose to conduct above floor cleaning chores, such as stairs and furniture. This unit also features Air Powered Turbo Tool that pulls the debris and dirt on stairs and furniture.

Moreover, the dusting brush combines with the extension wand to help you get access to high areas like curtains and air vents. The Crevice tool allows you to clean hard to reach areas such as cracks and crevices with precision.
Cleaning carpets and bare floors using this vacuum is a snap. And to protect your furniture and other investments, it also has a bumper. What’s more, it comes with various accessories to help you keep your home clean.


  • Strong suction power
  • Cord rewind for easy storage
  • 5 height adjustment setting


  • No option for turning off the roller

7. ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This lightweight vacuum from ONSON weighs under 4.85lbs, which means it will be easy to clean down low, up high and everywhere in between. You can also turn the stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum to use it to clean car interiors, blinds and more with dual-purpose dusting brush and the crevice wand.

Maneuvering around the corners is a breeze thanks to the 180-degree pivot ability of the floor head and a pair of smooth wheels that reduces the force needed to push the vac. It also has LED light to provide enhanced visibility in dimly lit areas.

The electric brush head can be used with two different brush rolls that you can quickly switch between. The hard bristled brush roll is made for vacuuming carpets and the soft one is for hard floor and low pile carpet.
This vacuum gives you two levels of suction strength- standard and max. With just one push of a button, the suction increases to 12000PA. You can adjust the modes according to your cleaning needs. Its cordless design free you from the hassle of a cord and still give an impressive suction to provide deep, thorough cleaning.

It comes with a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that can vacuum for 40 minutes on standard mode and 20 minutes on maximum mode. And when the dust bin is filled, it takes only one click to release the dust to a trashcan.


  • 2 different roller brush
  • 12000PA suction power
  • One click release of dust
  • Cordless


  • Doesn’t run for much time in max power

8. Bissell 9595a Cleanview Bagless Vacuum with Onepass

The Bissell 9595a vacuum with OnePass allows you to have easy edge to edge cleaning. It is designed with Onepass Technology as well as has powerful suction and an innovative brush design for cleaning on the first pass. It is easy to carry or push as it weighs barely 15 pounds.

Its innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet and cleans more on the initial pass. The Multi-Cyclone system gives robust suction while separating debris and dirt. As a result, your filters can last long as well as stay cleaner. This vacuum also comes with a Crevice tool and Dusting brush to make your cleaning more convenient.

Moreover, the handheld, powerful motorized TurboBrush tool helps you get debris and dirt out of furniture, stairways, auto interior, and upholstery. This vacuum is quite easy to maneuver around. It is easy to empty the large capacity dirt tank, which makes your after cleaning chore less time consuming. And keeping the filter clean is easy as it is easy to wash.

You can clean a large area with the 25 feet long power cord. To access furthermore area, you can use the extension wand and capture debris and dirt on furniture and other areas. The Bissell 9595a has excellent power for its very low price. You get great suction which is hard to beat for under 150 USD.


  • Great suction power
  • Powerful and lightweight design
  • Dirt bag is easy to empty


  • Can be somewhat irritating because of the noise

9. Hoover Power Drive Bagless Upright Vacuum

Hoover Power Drive Bagless Upright Vacuum is a great choice for homes with pets. Thanks to its innovative combination of power and suction, it delivers deeper cleaning. This unit is designed with swivel steering for effortless maneuverability around furniture and hard to reach areas.

In addition, there is new Advance Action Brush Roll engineered to tackle embedded dirt as well as reduce hair wrap. With the ON and OFF brush roll function, you can turn the brush roll ON for finest cleaning on carpet and OFF on hard floor to prevent scattering of debris. This feature improves the removal of pet hair on all kinds of floors.

This vacuum cleaner gives you the ability to get excellent cleaning results with several multipurpose tools. It also gives you a 13 feet long Quick Release Cleaning Wand so, you can easily extend your cleaning reach and switch from carpet cleaning to above floor cleaning without any interruption in suction.

It features high intensity LED headlights that will help you track down the hidden dirt or pet hair. The powerful suction of the Wind Tunnel Technology captures and contains deep down embedded pet hair, dirt and dust. It can also capture and contains 99% of dust and allergens with the help of its Sealed Allergen System. Its Multi-Cyclone technology ensures a continuous cleaning experience without any loss of suction. And to contain all that sucked dirt, debris and pet hair, it has extra-large capacity dirt cup which is also easy to empty.


  • The swivel steering design allows effortless maneuverability
  • High intensity LED headlights
  • Advanced Action Brush roll removes embedded dirt
  • Extra-large canister


  • Undetectable Canister
  • Not easy to maneuver on the staircase

10.  Hoover WindTunnel MAX Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover WindTunnel MAX Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH30600 takes cleaning to the MAX. Its Wind Tunnel MAX technology provides 3 channels of suction that lift and remove deeply embedded dirt with less scatter. It comes with HEPA filter that Traps in 99.7 percent of dust, dirt, pollen, and allergens down to 0.3 microns. And as a bagged upright vacuum cleaner, this vacuum offers the excellent filtration required for allergy sufferers.

Its Multi floor adjustment setting gives you 7 floor adjustment setting so you can easily clean every floor regardless of the type. The brush roll shuts off automatically when the above-floor cleaning tools are in service and in upright position. Speaking of above floor cleaning, the long hose reach allows up to 17 feet of above floor cleaning so you can easily reach and clean fans, ceilings, crown moldings, stairs, curtain and other hard to access areas.

The 30 feet power cord gives you an extended cleaning area. The capacity of the bag is 2.9 liters and its just requires one simple touch to release the bag into the trash, so you will never have to touch the bag with dirt.

The Hoover Wind tunnel Max Bagged Upright requires minimal maintenance. And the included tools with the unit such as Telescoping Extension wand, Dusting brush, 12 inch Crevice tool, and an Air powered hand tool help you get an excellent cleaning experience.


  • Excellent suction
  • Long power cord
  • Long hose reach
  • Bags are easily installed and removed


  • A little bit heavy
  • Little noisy

Things to Consider for Buying a Vacuum Under $150

Buying a vacuum under 150 dollars is not an easy task. The market has countless models to offer but if you are not observant enough, you might end up choosing an under performer. The main key to success here is to recognize the critical features that make any cleaner under 150 USD efficient.

And another thing you should remember is, not every cleaner on the market is suitable for your home. You have to consider some factors before choosing any vacuum to make sure you are buying the ideal one for your home. Below are some factors that you need to consider to choose the best vacuum under 150 dollar:

  • Suction Power

Don’t confuse wattage with suction power because these two are different things. The watts value indicates the motor power and doesn’t clearly tell you about the vacuum's performance.

Usually, higher wattage means more powerful motor and such a vacuum sucks up dust better. But then again, this isn’t always an accurate specification. The air watt is the most accurate factor that specifies the vacuum’s performance.

Air watts normally determine the nozzle’s suction power- which is the passing path of the dirt. Vacuums that have higher suction power can pick up more dirt and grime from the surface. So, depending on your needs, for better cleaning, you should go for the one with better suction.

  • Attachments

You need to choose a vacuum with several accessories such as crevice tool, extension wand, upholstery tool and dusting brush. A dusting brush helps with delicate tasks while a crevice tool helps you tackle tight spots like corners. And an extension wand comes in handy for cleaning the high ceilings or above floor appliances.

  • Power Brush

Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners use different names in reference to power brush. For rolling the brush, a cordless vacuum with a power brush comes with a separate motor. With this accessory, the vacuum can suck in stubborn debris and dirt such as pet hair from carpet and hard floors.

The power brush is an essential attachment that suits homeowners who need to deal with hairs and grime. Power brushes are small so they get into tighter space easily. This accessory comes into play when deep cleaning the upholstery, cleaning auto interiors or cleaning upstairs.

  • Filtration

The filtration system determines the cleaning ability of a vacuum to some extent. While advanced filtration may increase the resistance, their standard counterpart’s filtration mechanism delivers higher airflow.

  • Airflow

Airflow is measured in CFM or in full-length cubic feet per minute. This specification refers to the cleaning ability of a vacuum because it’s a strength that lifts up the dirt and chucks into the canister. Vacuums that have a higher value of CFM can provide greater cleaning power.

  • Noise

Certain types of vacuum can make a lot of noise, which makes operating them nearly intolerable. Purchase a vacuum that is quite enough such that you can hear what is going on in your surroundings, like the phone ring or someone knocking the door.

A vacuum’s noise level is rated in decibels. Normally, vacuum cleaners with 60dB to 70dB noise level ratings are considered quite. You should test or learn about the noise that your desired vacuum produces before purchasing it. If you want a quite cleaning operation, choose that is not noisy to use.

  • Surfaces

While choosing a vacuum under 150 dollars, you should select a vacuum that works pretty well on different surfaces and picks up everything. Because it would be unnecessary to buy separate vacuums for every different surface.


Q: Is it possible to get a quality vacuum under 150USD?

A: Absolutely yes. There are many high quality vacuum cleaners under 150 dollars or less that can deliver exceptional cleaning performance. All you have to do is just look for one with unique features that would suit your cleaning needs.

Q: Do vacuum cleaners under 150 dollars feature great innovation?

A: Manufacturers are trying to expand their offerings and beat the competition by the day. For that reason, you can find brilliant innovation on products in all price range.

Q: Which one should I choose?

A: All the above products come with great features but you should always choose the one that is the most suitable for your home and cleaning needs.

Q: Do I need to be careful while purchasing vacuums under 150 dollars?

A: You should be very cautious when you are looking for a vacuum under 150 dollar. The cut-down quality of brushes and hose is one of the problems buyers face with products in this low price range. The quality of the hoses has a straight impact on the ability of a vacuum to remove large debris.


I believe now you have a better understanding of the best vacuum cleaners under 150 dollar. This top 10 best vacuum cleaner under 150 review contains ten of the top vacuum cleaners under 150. And these are all top products that have great features and the ability to offer you a great cleaning experience. Some of them are even capable of cleaning from floors to ceiling. That said, you know best what your priority is, choose the one that will serve you best. I hope my best vacuum cleaners under 150 review and the buying guide helps you find the best vacuum cleaner for yourself.

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