How To Clean Shark Vacuum Cleaner Filters – Clean Shark Filter

Remember the time when you turned on the vacuum and started cleaning your home, and wondered why the room is smelling worse than it did when you started?

It could be because you have overlooked cleaning the vacuum itself. Cleaning machines designed to clean might seem like an ironic chore, but ask yourself, when is the last time you have cleaned your vacuum?

People use vacuum cleaners every day to clean their house. With cleaning your house, you also need to empty and clean the dust cups frequently because this will directly affect the vacuum’s performance.

Another part that needs washing on a regular basis is the filters. To increase the cleaner’s lifespan and for optimal performance, you need to clean the vacuum filters. Even high-end products like Shark vacuums requires regular cleaning.

There are a variety of Shark models available, which means the actual process of removing and accessing various parts such as filters may differ a bit depending on the model. It will mainly depend on their design. Therefore, you should check the manual so that you know exactly where each part is located and how to remove it. 
In this article, you will find out how to clean Shark vacuum filters along with some tips for you to clean the vacuum filters without damaging other parts of the vacuum.

Shark Vacuum Filters

Clean Pre-Motor Filters

First, you have to remove the canister. It has two pre-motor filters – a felt filter and a foam filter. You can hand-wash these filters with cold water until they are totally clean. Some people give them a thorough bath by sinking them into warm soapy water.

Be extremely careful when you wash both the felt and foam filters. Once rinsed and cleaned, the filters may or may not reappear in their new white form. However, don’t worry as long as they are not broken or torn. Let them air dry for 24 hours or as long as they are not totally dry. Before putting them back on the vacuum, make sure they are perfectly dry. For the optimal performance of your vacuum cleaner, it is highly recommended to clean the pre-motor filters monthly.

Clean Post-Motor Filter

Next, you need to clean the post-motor filter. It can be a HEPA standard, depending on the models. As you might know, the HEPA filter is a high-end filtration, which is helpful if you or any of your family members are allergies or asthma sufferers because it can catch up to 99.7% of allergens and small particles. The amazing thing is that nearly every Shark vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. And like every other filter, they also require cleaning.

Commonly, you can find it located near the motor. However, it may vary depending on the model. You should check the owner’s manual to find out. Now, carefully remove the filters and set them aside. Then, you should thoroughly wash each filter until they are clean. Don’t forget to rinse it with cold water. Gently rub it with your fingers to get rid of all the dirt and dust.

Some people prefer using some warm soapy water. It is not recommended to use soap or detergent while cleaning these filters, as it can affect the filters’ functionality over time.

Actually, cool running water is the most effective and the best method. If you want, you can use a non-abrasive detergent to make the water foamy.

Squeeze the water from the filters and then place them in a suitable place to dry. As compared to other filters, HEPA filters take much longer to dry. Remember, any filter must be completely dry before you put it back in the vacuum. Otherwise, it could lead to mildew and mold growing on the filters.

After you have completed all of the steps, all the parts are ready to be put back together and you can start vacuuming again.

Right from the start, you will notice a change in the suction power. It is because all of the filters are clean and free of dirt and dust. There is no debris in any part, and the air is circulating freely. Moreover, clean filters help you enjoy an odorless vacuuming.
The machine gets rid of any filthy emanating from the vacuum cleaner. Leaving dirt behind, as well as the weird noises, will also be a part of the past. Cleaning Shark vacuum filters will help you continue experiencing hassle-free cleaning.


You should always keep the machine and its parts clean that helps you keep your house clean. Because if the machine and its parts are not clean, they won’t be able to clean your house properly. Cleaning filters is not an easy task, but it is not difficult either. You have to be very careful when you clean the filters because you don’t want to tear the filters and spend a lot of money buying them again.

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