How to Empty a Dyson Stick Vacuum – Empty Dyson Stick Vacuum

At times when vacuuming, you may notice that your vacuum is not properly sucking dust. This could simply happen if your bin is full and all you have to do to rectify the issue is to empty the bin.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are beagles, which means you won’t have to change or buy dust bags. Instead, you will just have to empty the clear dust container once the dirt inside reaches the max capacity.

To empty the Dyson, first remove the canister from the vacuum, which you can do by simply pressing the ‘bin release’ lever/ button. Depending on the type and model of the vacuum cleaner you have, this may be in a slightly different place. On some models it will be a distinctive color, usually red, while on others it will be labeled.

Once you have done that, go near the bin and hold the canister over it. Press the lever/ button to open the base and let all the dirt out. It’s best to empty dirt and dust over a bin or directly into a bag to avoid dust spilling back into your house.

Dyson states its bins are hygienically clean and, for that reason, great for allergy sufferers because you don’t need to handle dusty bags. Opening the bin, however, will certainly allow some dirt and dust to float up into the air, possibly more so than if they are contained in a bag. You may also have to reach inside the container to get all the dirt out. 

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